8-bit watercolors, Adam Lister

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Digital folk animate using pictures from their eyewear.


Day Job, Natalya Balnova





Celebrity and historic figure doppelgangers

can you not

i’m not saying it was time travellers


it was time travellers

they were reincarnated!


Behind the Curtain at the First Ever Super Mario Opera


Behind the Curtain at the First Ever Super Mario Opera

Music video producers aim to get digital folk to watch the whole video, multiple times.


Behind the scenes on the Trying To Be Cool video!!

More original music from our member blog Sparks for Starters..


Sparks for Starters #39: Simply Speaking

This is the second track I’ve made on Live. I’m giving myself one more to measure whether or not I can produce to the same level of detail that I could in Reason. I think it’s getting there for sure.

The mastering is a bit different than in Reason but I think at the very least the voices are mixed in a way that allows each to carry its own share of the landscape and the levels are high enough that you don’t have to turn it up to hear and turn it down again when you listen to another song, which is pretty key, you know?

If you have any tips re: mastering, please share.

Thanks for listening!

Digital folk get their gif on when they want to get things done in public policy. 


Immigration reform would be awesome for our economy —> Share this to spread the word.